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A Life or Death Situation: How Far Would Your Rivalry Go?

By Cameon Shiflett On May - 24 - 2009

Every now and then we hear something that makes us stop and think. Every now and then we hear about things that make us realize how thankful we are. But how often do we hear things that make us think how far we would go to help a rival?

Every team has a rival no matter how good or bad that rival might be. Alabama's rival is Auburn (or Tennessee or LSU depending on whom you ask), Nebraska's rival is Colorado, and Auburn's rival is Georgia (or Alabama.)

Rivalries are said to run deep. They have caused fights. They have caused divorces. They have even caused murders.

So how far would you go to help a rival fan if it was a life or death situation? Would you even help them at all?

Over the last week or so, I have seen fans from every community come and support Gray Ghost and his grandson Josiah as he was losing his battle to cancer. People from every community came and showed Gray their support and made sure he knew they were there for him in this time of need.

Suddenly, it didn't matter that Gray is a Georgia fan and I'm a 'Bama fan. It didn't matter th...

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