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On December 6, 2010, ESPNW was introduced, as a website for women who are passionate sports fans and athletes. In essence, it is the women’s version of ESPN. As a female sports blogger, I’ve been asked for my opinion numerous times about ESPNW, so now I will share it. The sports world has always been predominantly male in all aspects. Women were not supposed to be passionate sports fans because the gender divide was so vast. Even as women have risen in most industries over the last two decades, the sports industry did not budge. Then the Internet came along, it opened a new door ...

Headline To Headache: The Most Annoying Sports Story Of 2010

By Kate Conroy On November - 30 - 2010
The life of sports fan can be mind-boggling at times. Days are filled with fantasy teams, power rankings and ESPN as your emotions hang on a team or an individual athlete’s performance. It fuels a passion beyond any restraint, which explains why we fans can’t get enough, most of the time. As a New Year approaches, I started to reflect on 2010, and three stories stood out. They were not the greatest sports stories but the headlines that started to make ESPN seem more like TMZ. So, which headline gave me the biggest headache in 2010? Without question it was ...
It is always nice to get recognized for something you put your heart into, so I was thrilled when Ballhyped.com wanted to feature Lady Loves Pinstripes as a favorite female sports site during Women’s Week. It is an honor for women to be getting acknowledged in the sports world. I want to thank Ballhyped for hosting a week to honor women, as it is a step in the right direction for us ladies. What is Women’s Week at Ballhyped? This week is Women’s Week at BallHyped, and we’re reaching out to some of our favorite female bloggers to ...

What A Decade? Part One: For the Love of Sports

By Kate Conroy On December - 28 - 2009
Looking back on the last 10 years, you forget how much has happened that is now a part of sports history. What accomplishments or events did fans' get to watch that will never be forgotten? It seems that athletes off the field antics caused most of the buzz, a few examples being Michael Vick, Jason Williams, Roger Clemens, Plaxico Buress, A-rod and the latest being the destruction of Tiger-mania. Sometimes a reminder that the athlete did not fail to impress in any way; it was the trademark of the athlete that took the greatest hit since the start of the century in 2000. In ...

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