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South Carolina State head coach Oliver "Buddy" Pough is content with the idea of not landing one single top 150 recruit when National Signing Day ends. While the prospect of being completely shutout by prized blue-chip prep athletes is unacceptable for many football programs in the cut throat game that is college recruiting, Pough, who is one of the most successful coaches in historically black college football, does not see it that way. During a recent interview with B/R, Pough said he sees it as the new normal for historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) football. "It's not frustrating," Pough ...

Social Change and Sport Should Not Be a Selective Process

By Kendrick Marshall On May - 7 - 2010
Where were the protesters for Derrion Albert? Where were the individuals urging the national populace to boycott Chicago until the city got a handle on acts of violence and murder that has continued to run rampant through the streets? In the aftermath of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signing into law a bill that makes the failure to carry immigration papers a crime, millions of Americans, politicians, activists and Hollywood entertainers spoke out against the controversial law, saying it violated civil liberties and promoted racial profiling of those who were of Hispanic descent. The Phoenix Suns made a statement by donning 'Los Suns' ...
LeBron James is a YouTube sensation. But not for his latest highlight-reel dunk or chase-down block.  This latest "incident" revolves around James and a Chicago Bulls ball boy. Following Game Four of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, the reigning league MVP caused an Internet stir by, of all things, failing to meticulously hand his warmup gear to a ball boy as he checked into the contest (see video below).  In the minds of many, James degraded the impressionable youth, mocked him, and treated him as serf. You know, that is what royalty do, right? He is the so-called "King." Are we going to discredit James ...

Has the NFL Become the New Thug League?

By Kendrick Marshall On April - 18 - 2010
Ben Roethlisberger has confirmed what the National Football League and mainstream America does not want to come to grips with. That pro football league has fondled, shot, gambled, and dime-bagged its way to the undisputed title of Thug League champion that was once held by the National Basketball Association. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be ecstatic that his league has accomplished this feat without much fanfare. There were no talk show radio hosts imploring Sheriff Goodell suspend habeas corpus for athletes who run afoul of the law. Few sports writers or television analysts have demanded ...

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