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What Has the NFL Turned Into the Past Few Years?

By Lars Hanson On October - 30 - 2009
The media icon that is the NFL, seems to go from a league with players playing to win and get to the Super Bowl, to a league that's been loaded with player conduct problems, divas, and players just in it for the money. On August.8, 2006, Roger Goodell was selected to succeed retiring commissioner Paul Tagliabue, voted on by 31 NFL GMs (Oakland abstained from all voting). Goodell officially became the acting commissioner on September 1st. From the moment Goodell was named the commissioner, he has been severely cracking down on off and on the field player conduct/behavior. In mid-2007, the off-field actions of NFL players Adam ...
A week and one day later I have decided to pull a "Grant Wahl" and finally write a "tell all" article about my being benched by Bleacher Report. I am writing this article for two reasons:  To share what I learned from being benched and how it affected me and as a lesson to other Bleacher Report creatures to show that people see what you say. This article will be broken down into two parts. Part one will share my reason(s) for being benched (Bleacher Reports version of a timeout/ban) and how it affected me. Part two will share my incites and why everyone ...

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