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The following is part of a weekly series called "Through the Eyes Of....".  In each segment, I share interviews with or stories about those that I view to be the "Good Guys."
"Through the Eyes of..." is a part of my personal crusade to present baseball in all it's beauty, splendor, and goodness, instead of through hashing and rehashing all that is broken with our National treasure. 
It is 12:40 a.m. and my family has been asleep for nearly four hours, while I am still glued to the longest double shutout I can ever remember.
Fifteen innings, 11 hits total and zero runs scored between the Red Sox and Yanks. In my world, believe it or not, it doesn't get any better than this.
As I write, A-Rod deposits one in the seats and the play-by-play man dubs him a hero. I chuckle to myself. Partially in disgust, as the Sox have fallen another game behind the Bronx Bombers, but due in part to the announcers loose use of the word "hero."
I flip off the tube and decide to finish my Q and A piece with Garrett Berger, t...

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