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The New Age of Streaming Sports Online

By Marcus Shockley On May - 16 - 2010
The broadcast networks weren’t the first to arrive at the streaming video party. In fact, while some networks are quickly embracing some portions of streaming their content online, others still either haven’t figured out how it will fit into their business or whether they should even be paying attention. Streaming sports online is a market that broadcasters are still missing the boat on. In fact, even while some fantastic successes have arrived over the past two to three years, there is still so much open water in this area that many broadcasters may be suddenly too far out of position to catch ...

The Time Is Now: Sports Fans Should Unionize

By Marcus Shockley On April - 7 - 2010
For decades, the major sports leagues, including the NCAA, have answered to the marching orders of their stakeholders. Those stakeholders include sponsors, alumni, television networks, and players unions, but rarely, if ever, include the fans, who actually foot the bill for the whole thing. Consider that fans supported a whopping $410 Billion—yes, that's Billion, with a capital 'B' in 2009 for the sports industry, and yet cannot get any voice in major decisions such as the non-existence of a college football champion or expansion of the NCAA tournament. That revenue is more than quadruple what China (yes, China, the nation just ...

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