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Top 10 Worst Sports Movie Sequels

By Matt Hurst On April - 19 - 2012
When mentioning greatest sports movies, we’re pretty sure we can all agree on a few titles: "Caddyshack", "Bull Durham," "Rocky," "Raging Bull," "The Natural," "Major League," "Slap Shot" and "Hoosiers."Sometimes Hollywood, in an effort to continue churning out money, decides to make sequels to somewhat successful sports movies. Oftentimes, we ask, “Why?”This is not a look at the worst sports movies or movies that were remade (for example, "Bad News Bears," "Karate Kid" or "The Longest Yard"). This is a look at truly horrendous sequels.(Note, none of these films received more than 4.7 stars out of 10 on IMDb.com)Begin Slideshow

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