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When I was a child, I can remember a few of my little league coaches preaching the many facets of real life and how they pertain to the great game of baseball.

Hustle, persistence, team work and mental toughness were all requirements for success on and off the field.

Of course, in my my youth, I merely glossed over the countless lessons and parallels that could be made between surviving the rigors of youth and the dangers of the real world.

But now, as I stand back and observe the world in which we live in today, and see our society on full display thanks to the information age, it is quite simple to see how the two most definitely correlate.

We act the same way in life as we do in the competitive arena, displaying character, effort, concern and all the countless traits that make us human.

One needs only to spend a half hour watching reality television these days to see how far our great society has fallen, but the real shining example can be found on the competitive fields around the nation. Observing the lack of attention to detail and the failure of many young athletes to adapt to the rigors of higher level competition, exposes the society we ...

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