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This morning, ESPN ran a column titled "What if Michael Vick were white?" Accompanying the column was a picture of the quarterback utilizing the digital equivalent of "white face." Immediate reaction to the column, which will appear in ESPN The Magazine's Sept. 5 issue, was knee-jerk, swift and overwhelmingly negative. Many sports fans hate when issues of race are even brought up. If that's you, you're probably in the wrong column. More significantly, the response was interestingly centered less on the article itself and much more on the picture (which has since been, justifiably, removed)—hearkening back to days when this ...
On Friday morning, Charlotte Bobcats forward Stephen Jackson was informed that his Charlotte-area home was invaded. Three masked men held his wife at gunpoint and stole various belongings. First, before anything else, it needs to be said that this was a horrible incident, and it is amazing and joyous that no one was hurt or killed. However, the pain of feeling violated and having one's home invaded is a tremendous burden. The thoughts and sympathies of many are deservedly with the Jackson family in their troubled times. Among other belongings, the intruders took two guns—a 9mm handgun and a stun gun. Shortly after ...

ESPN Zone Set To Close: Five More of the Network’s Flops

By Michael Schottey On June - 9 - 2010
The ESPN Zone restaurant chain is set to close up shop later this month thanks to sagging economic numbers and a continuing lack of expendable revenue for many Americans. Yes Virginia, even Disney can run out of money. For those who haven't been, the ESPN Zone is like Chuck E Cheese for adults—no, not Dave and Busters, well actually...exactly like Dave and Busters. The ESPN Zone was a poorly conceived idea from the beginning that never received the extensive backing of the parent company that one might think. The business model of these restaurants assumed that people would pay premium ...

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