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On Friday morning, Charlotte Bobcats forward Stephen Jackson was informed that his Charlotte-area home was invaded. Three masked men held his wife at gunpoint and stole various belongings.

First, before anything else, it needs to be said that this was a horrible incident, and it is amazing and joyous that no one was hurt or killed.

However, the pain of feeling violated and having one's home invaded is a tremendous burden. The thoughts and sympathies of many are deservedly with the Jackson family in their troubled times.

Among other belongings, the intruders took two guns—a 9mm handgun and a stun gun.

Shortly after the incident was reported, ESPN columnist Jemele Hill linked to the report and wrote on Twitter:

"And [people] wonder why athletes carry guns. Stephen Jackson's wife held at gunpoint in their home."

I respect Miss Hill a lot, but she misses the point.

Stephen Jackson owned a gun—two of them actually—neither of which seemed to remedy this situation at all.


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