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Why I Am Stopping My Contributions to Bleacher Report

By Wesley Johnson On July - 20 - 2009

[READ THIS FIRST: Yes, I understand what "open source" means.  I understand that I should not have such "high expectations" and should not be "complaining" and be "thankful" for a webpage that links to a community of fellow amateur sportswriters.  These are simply the reasons I'm not writing for B/R anymore.]

I have decided to remove all my articles and stop posting to Bleacher Report (with the exception of this one).  Here are my reasons (which I doubt more than 10 people, excluding the first person who edits this, will ever read).

1. Poor article archives

If you want to find an article, use Google.  Don't even THINK of using the search box up on the right corner.  Just preamble every search with "site:bleacherreport.com" .

My guess is that since sports is about what's current, any article that's more than a few days old is irrelevant and no one is searching for anyway.

2.  Poor categories/tags

The categories listed are quite atrocious.  Not everything everyone writes fits into "Preview" or "Recap" or "Opinion" or "Humor."  You can't choose more than a...

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