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An Ode To Cleveland Sport

By Rahil Devgan On July - 31 - 2010
  The author in no way means or intends to offend any sports fan from the beautiful state of Ohio. He went to school there and retains some of his fondest memories from his experiences.     Way up north on the banks of a river, where the cold winds blow and the skyline's a mess. Where all the teams lose and the weather makes you shiver, lies a dreary dull city starved of success.   Lake Erie screams out, its shore cries in vain, for a win that will rid her of this "curse"! But her lament doesn't help, it increases the pain, and the sport just continues to get worse.    Do ...
Standing a shade under six feet and three inches tall, Christophe Lemaitre has a gangly disposition at best; his 160 pound lithe frame belies the speed and momentum that it generates across the course of a hundred meters. Yet the 20-year-old Frenchman from the Rhones-Alps region could have never imagined that no matter how fast he ran that fateful race at the French National Championships in Valence over a fortnight ago, the news of his race would travel around the world twice as fast. You see, athletics has those fixed benchmarks that most sports lack—the measurement that sends a clear message to ...

The Top 9 Highest Earners in Sports

By Rahil Devgan On June - 8 - 2010
The advent of the salary cap ensures that under franchise models especially, there's always a limit to how much you can pay an athlete. Indirectly, it results from a demand and supply equilibrium of the market but a salary cap ensures that there's a ceiling which can't be exceeded. In professional football however, a player can earn as much as the market (or his employers) think he's worth. I've looked at the main American sports as well as a few global ones. For individual sports based on prize money, I've simply considered the most recent highest earner (prize money unless ...

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