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I recently had the opportunity to view some excerpts from the documentary We Grew Wings, a project centered on the women's track program at the University of Oregon. The implementation of Title IX in 1972 is the matrix in which two successful eras in women's track at Oregon were joined together.Many younger track fans might take the recent success of the University of Oregon Women's track program for granted.After all, they are the three-time defending NCAA Indoor champions and runners-up in the last three NCAA Outdoor championships. They have gained a level of respect and honor throughout the collegiate sphere ...
Every household knows the drill.The occupants are kicked back—bare feet on the coffee table—perhaps in their underwear, comfortable in varying degrees of their own residue.Then, from somewhere under a crumpled newspaper (or is it behind a lint-ridden seat cushion?), the cell phone rings.Long-lost Uncle Charlie (who is mistakenly perceived as being above such casual behavior) is just blocks away and wants to drop in for a visit.Out comes the vacuum, the dust mop, the air freshener.Within 90 seconds, a facade of elegance is ready to greet Charlie, while behind the closet door and under the pristine rug, reality is in ...

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