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Recently, Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd came out of his hole that he has been hiding in for the past term, and decided to comment on Linda McMahon, or have one of his "supporters" do the dirty work for him.

The comments were said by Connecticut Democratic Spokeswoman Colleen Flanagan, but can we really say Dodd had nothing to do with it? I know I can't.

The fact is that Dodd wouldn't want to say anything to cost him the election, so, he got Flanagan to do it for him.

Here is what Flanagan, or Dodd had to say regarding McMahon:

"As WWE Chief Operating Officer, Linda McMahon presided over programming that showed simulated rape, public sex, and necrophilia, and now she wants to be our U.S. Senator?

People across this state, not to mention the millions of women who are the victims of sexual violence every year, would be horrified and embarrassed to know that the person who seeks to represent them condones this kind of behavior.

That kind of programming has no place in our society, and Linda McMahon has no place in the U.S. Senate."

I want peop...

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