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Athletes Are Not Role Models, But They Can Be Idols

By Steven Resnick On July - 29 - 2009

Unless you personally know a professional athlete the chances are the only time you get to see that athlete is on TV or by going to watch them live. The key point being is that you're more likely not to have a personal relationship with that professional athlete. 

Yet, it seems like after every athlete arrest it doesn't matter in what sport, there's an argument that athletes are role models and need to behave better.

Fans have grown accustomed to hearing about athletes in the news doing something wrong whether it was illegal or something that wasn't really illegal, but a choice that was made that wasn't the best decision. 

A recent example of those would be the Donte Stallworth situation for DUI Manslaughter and the Steve McNair murder suicide. What Stallworth did was illegal and what McNair did wasn't the greatest decision in the world, but it wasn't illegal.

Maybe the most notorious idol was Michael Jordan. On the basketball court Jordan could do pretty much what he wanted. He could shoot, he could pass, he could defend, and he could literally fly through the air.

But, does that real...

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