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What the Tiger Woods Incident Can Teach Us About Our Society

By Michael Fitzpatrick On December - 1 - 2009

Why do we really want Tiger Woods to come clean?

We’ve all read the numerous articles virtually begging Tiger Woods to come clean, but why? 

What is really fueling our desire to find out exactly what happened outside of Tiger Woods’ private home at 2:30 am last Friday morning?

Are we concerned that he’s gotten away with a crime?

Not likely. 

He hit a fire hydrant and a tree on private property.  The only person injured in the incident was Tiger Woods (the fire hydrant got banged up to).  In fact, the police have already issued him a citation for careless driving and closed the case.

So legally speaking, it’s a done, finished, finito.  The exact same punishment would have been handed down to any one of us had we been in the same situation.  

Are we concerned that he’s making a huge PR mistake and that his sponsors might jump ship?

Well, no.  First of ...

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