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When real fans watch sports, they want to feel like they are part of the crowd, even while relaxing in the La-Z-Boy at home. They want to smell the guy who hasn’t showered next to them, feel the piping hot bleachers, and see the waterfall of sweat during the rookie’s first appearance. But the most underrated sense for a sports fan? Hearing. The athletes need it, the coaches need it, the analysts need it and so do the ravenous followers. Sounds in sports can illuminate so many things, and without it, you can miss half of the game. Except for golf. From the buzzer sounding during a game winner to Tommy Smyth’s undecipherable, yet soothing accent, or to the crack of Ken Griffey Jr.’s swing on a mammoth homer, some of the most memorable noises come from sports. Sadly, memories can be bad too. There are sounds that plague sports like herpes: they never seem to go away, no matter how much you try to cover them up. So here are twenty of the most ear-shattering, rage-inducing, smile-inverting noises from the world of athletics. Some are so bad they are funny, some will kindle up sour memories and some will make head-butting Carlos Zambrano seem fun. Lucky...

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