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Beer Pong: How Good Are You?

By David Arreola On April - 19 - 2010
It may be the most widely played sport among middle aged drinking Americans. It's official name is Beruit, but we all know it affectionately as Beer Pong. You all know how to play it, you all know the ground rules. Sink it, drink it, embarrass the opposition. Whatever the house rules are, making the cups is all that matters. I've been around Beer Pong a long time, and it has no equal in providing fun, drama, and heroes, simply by racking cups into a triangle. As far as I know, this is the first Beer Pong article on Bleacher Report, so I am curious to see how "the brutal game" will be received. Anyway, I have created a list of different levels of skill you encounter when you play. Starting from least "talented" to most talented. I also include the first Beer Pong statistics, Average Cups Per Game. The ACPG is based on a 10-cup rack (as seen above). I am not taking into account partner cups made.

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