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This morning on ESPN radio, Colin Cowherd discussed Tiger Wood's continued use of profanity at yesterday's Masters Tournament.  Cowherd and some of his callers expressed disappointment at Tiger's lack of self-control. 

A week earlier, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, along with guest Chuck Klosterman, recorded an episode of Simmons' podcast in which they recapped the NCAA tournament. They also tried to determine what the golden age of college basketball was, eventually deciding on the 1970s and the early 80s.

These two events demonstrate a drastic change and a difficult misconception in how we view sports in today’s world. 

In the case of Tiger Woods’ cursing being carried into homes across America, it is important to remember that this occurs because of the technology of today's television broadcasts.  Often called "Super Microphones," these large, satellite-dish-looking mics are ubiquitous on the sidelines of sporting events.  They provide sounds in broadcasts that prior generations never experienced.

Because of these microphones, we hear...

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