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The tragic shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas on Thursday and the shootings in Orlando, Florida on Friday make me realize that there is a sort of irony in sports.

That is, while events like these remind us just how unimportant sports are as compared to real life situations, it is also the time when sports are needed most of all. 

We often use sports as an escape from the real world. Not to remove focus from grieving families, but to take our minds off of the depressing world around us, and allow us to find some joy in an otherwise crazy world.

Gunmen who rampage and kill innocent victims may make us wonder what this world is coming to. Meanwhile, sports, at least in its purest form, serve as a vehicle to appreciate the hope that exists amid the despair of a world gone mad.

It certainly won't help bring the victims back to life. Nor will it stop the grieving from occurring. But at least it offers a consistent reminder to all of us that life does go on and that better days lie ahead.

All forms of entertainment help, at least temporarily, to serve as a sort of bandage covering the wounds of real life. And as sports fans, we know all too well th...

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