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Sellin Rake: The Jerry Jones Revelations

By Danny Flynn On April - 15 - 2010

In the now infamous Jerry Jones drunken cell phone video, the wise old owner blesses us with two mind expanding revelations.

1. Tim Tebow will not be a great NFL quarterback.
2. Bill Parcells does not get along very well with owners.

I’m saddened this was all the information we were able to gain from this clip. Two minor observations that were fairly obvious to any well versed football fan.

I wanted more.

I felt there were things that needed to be said, topics that needed to be broached.

Irvin, Deion, cocaine, hookers, Aikman, Jerry, the White House, and the list goes on.

Heck, Charles Haley alone could fill up a quality two hours of conversation.

The possibilities are almost endless.

Yet, all we got was Tebow sucks and Bill’s a jerk.

Not bad, not great.

It seems these minute long clips of sports figures at their worst are all we are going to get in the TMZ culture that has now invaded sports.

The Jones incident reveals that Roger Goodell might just have a new problem on his hands.

Owners gone wild.

In this era, everyone is worrying which athlete i...

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