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Valentine's Day is upon us, and for many sports enthusiasts, it is a time where we begin to panic.No, we are not panicking about what we have to give our sweethearts, as a simple Hallmark card and a dozen roses should be enough.We are scrambling to find ways to still be connected to the sports world while we have to give our lovers constant adoration and attention.We have to be clever and deceitful when we try to find the loophole during Valentine's Day that will allow us to find time to watch sports.However, if you are caught during your scheme, ...
Every morning when I wake up, I pour my favorite cereal into a bowl, I grab my laptop, I turn my television on, and I plant myself on my couch.  I am now a multi-tasking machine: I am eating my breakfast as I am watching sports on television, while I am surfing the Internet for any interesting sports stories.  If it wasn't for me facing the reality again, I would probably remain in this exact spot all day.  I am what you call a sports enthusiast.  I absolutely love sports.  I can not get enough of it.  I'm not the ordinary sports ...

The Great White Hope: Top 10 White Athletes of Today

By Ryan Neiman On January - 21 - 2011
We all know the saying: white men can't jump.  Woody Harrelson tried disproving this theory in the cinema classic "White Man Can't Jump", but movies are fiction. Being a fellow white man, it is quite embarrassing to admit that I can barely jump.  My athletic skills can be compared to that of a two year who is learning how to walk: we are both uncoordinated and we are lost most of the time. Today, there has been an emergence of white athletes who are trying to make their imprint in the sports world by showing that they can play more than just ...

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