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South African runner Caster Semenya, 800m gold medalist at the Berlin World Athletics Championship competition, recently underwent a gender verification test after questions were raised due to her commanding win last month.  According to sources close to the investigation, the examination revealed that Semenya lacked ovaries and a womb but had internal testis and three times the normal amount of testosterone than considered normal. The final verdict circulating is that while she is female, she is not 100% female. These results bring into question several issues. Will she be stripped of her medal, and to what extent did Athletics South Africa (ASA) know prior ...
With the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals just now concluding, many sports fans have had to face the dubious task of who to root for now that their team missed the playoffs or got knocked out. There are fans who just cheer for their team, and could care less about the greater excitement the actual sport provides.  For them, it doesn't matter.  But for others, this process of team selection can be either very technical in nature or rather whimsical.  In my case, I need to cheer for someone, and it makes the results more interesting. Now, my main sport of ...

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