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WGR 550 Please Fire Mike Schopp!

By Dan B. On February - 10 - 2010

Most WGR 550 listeners would agree that it's time for you, Mike Schopp, to be fired! I am tired of turning the radio on every day and listening to you! I think the Bull-dog is good guy and I feel that you are dragging him down.

I am tired of listening to:

  • Greg Buck—A bit that impersonates an "old time" radio announcer...horrible, and you have overkilled it! It's not funny or original anymore!
  • Tennis—I don't care if you and your wife are into tennis or if you play checkers! I listen to find out about sports...I don't care what is going on in your personal life.
  • Hall of Fame rejection committee—you waste our time discussing the removal of Hall of Fame members from the MLB, NHL, NFL & NBA. Give me a break!
  • Ten opinions in a row—your opinions are always negative or ridiculous...why would I want to hear them?
  • Drafts—the movie star/Olympic/or any other draft you come up with is a joke.
  • Schopp, you're rude to callers—you cut people off and criticize most callers. If you hate your job...quit and be a full time Mr. Mom.

Your show has become a BORE!! Every day your show has a topic or t...

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