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Pro BMX Rider Daniel Dhers has added to his impressive resume by winning gold medals at X Games 16 earlier this month. I had the chance to catch up with him and talk about his ambitions on and off the bike.


Bleacher Report: How has 2010 been going for you? Has it met your expectations?

Daniel Dhers: This year has been great. I've been riding a lot and putting in a lot of work. I won some competitions in 2007 and 2008, but didn't do so well last year. My goal is to always win every event I enter, in the back of my mind it's always about winning. The X Games this year were a really great experience. The preliminaries didn't go go well, but I just changed the way I did things, changed some tricks, and it definitely paid off.

BR: Who are your favorite BMX riders to watch?

DD: Dave Mirra. He does everything at a whole different speed. He brings something completely different to the sport. It'll be a long time before anyone can come close to his accomplishments.

BR: Who are some of the young up and comers that we should look for in the X Games scene?
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