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Brock Lesnar and the 50 Most Marketable Athletes in the World

By Sam Westmoreland On October - 27 - 2010
Brock Lesnar is the face of the UFC. Lesnar, the former heavyweight champ, looked the part until Cain Velasquez mopped the floor with him at UFC 121, but Lesnar is still undoubtedly the most well-known and marketable fighter the MMA league has. But where does Lesnar rank among all of sports' most marketable stars? Can he even crack the top 50? We're bringing you the top 50 most marketable stars in the sports world, graded on four criteria. Box Office Draw: Does this player's presence put fans in seats?Likability: Can fans relate to the person? Are they well liked?Ad Potential: Is this person usable for ads? ...

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