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Fear Is The Key…Be Afraid

By Saraswathi Sirigina On August - 13 - 2009
For a view from an altria, check out Fear The Noble Thought from the man who defines the Big Bang, God Particle, antiMatter.   Have you ever been afraid? I'd been! Did you ever try to climb a mountain while looking down or was it always the peak that you kept under your radar as you started to put step after step to the top? The most important element is fear. Fear shadows the champion or the challenger. Fear is the companion of the winner or the loser. The winner fears to lose the winning streak and the loser of ever not getting there. The ...

No Tears for Fears

By Saraswathi Sirigina On June - 2 - 2009
We live in a cocoon. We think we are isolated. We think that all the world is our stage to enact. Standing at a crossroads and  looking from the periphery, it seems like the biggest canvas is before us to etch our dreams—using charcoal, clay, and sand we cement our souls into concrete slab of definition and destine our perimeter. But an earthquake, an avalanche can shake or rock that concrete edifice and crack it. On that day, we lay bare our souls and search the ruins for our beginnings. We ask if this is what we have let ourselves in for, sold our ...

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