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The 15 Funniest Mascot Videos in Sports

By Scott Altman On August - 3 - 2010
Night in and night out, athletes across the U.S.'s four major sports strap on the pads, lace up the skates, and prepare for battle. As they fight for a point in the win column, there's another athlete who takes center stage when they leave the court. They are the mascots of America, and they are warriors. Dunking through fire and off of ladders, skydiving from the rafters, and hunting down streakers is just part of the job for these fine gentlemen. And as they pump crowds up with their antics, sometimes things go wrong. Luckily for us, video cameras have been present ...

Rick Pitino and the Top 10 Craziest Trials in Sports

By Scott Altman On August - 2 - 2010
Is there such thing as a normal sports trial? After all, we're taking the most entitled people on the planet and throwing them into a court room. These guys have been led to believe since day one that they are above the law, making for some of the most entertaining court trials in this country's history. Entertaining or not, these 10 trials stood out above the rest for their crazy stories and crazier verdicts. Here are the Top 10 Craziest Trials in Sports.Begin Slideshow
Nothing screams douche like a slimy college sports coach. Heinous recruiting violations and academic scandals are often just a part of the job for a big time college football or basketball coach. Just make sure to take a better job before the NCAA begins an investigation! The 10 coaches on this list have a few things in common. Primarily, though, they have all succeeded at the highest of levels. And this is no coincidence. Besides the fact that most of them have gotten to where they are through circumventing all NCAA regulations, being a douche has become a ...
After 18 years of existence, I have stumbled upon an epiphany: I will never be able to dunk a basketball. Sure, I might be able to throw down a 360 tomahawk in the pool, but when it comes to the actual hardwood, I know I will never feel the gratification of dunking over a short guy and then screaming at the top of my lungs a la Kevin Garnett. However, the following ten players can dunk. But not only can they dunk, they can do it extraordinarily well. In fact, they can do it so well that for many ...

The Top 10 Best Movie Sports Teams of All-Time

By Scott Altman On July - 16 - 2010
Cinema has provided with stories of triumph, tragedy, and defeat. More importantly, it has provided us with some of the greatest sports stories ever told. Within those stories, lie great teams with limitless skill and potential. This list will pay homage only to the best of fictional teams, though; because it takes a true mastermind to conjure up the Flint Tropics and the Miami Sharks rather than recreating the Permian Panthers or the 1980 U.S. Hockey team. Some of these teams won championships, and some of these teams won nothing, but they all have one thing in common: They possessed the potential to ...

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