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If you are wondering what the Olympic medal winner Bode Miller has been doing since the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, you need not worry.Miller has had a busy and interesting 2012. It started nine months ago when he had microfracture surgery on his knee, which he is still rehabbing. Miller, who was taking in the World Cup Downhill race in Beaver Creek, Colorado a couple of weeks ago, told the Associated Press that he was not going to rush his recovery. "No one wants to reinjure themselves when they come back from an injury," said Miller, ...

Top 20 Athletes Who Have Done Major Jail Time

By Stacey Mickles On August - 25 - 2010
Athletes doing time in jail is not an unsual thing especially in this day and age. The athletes on this list have either done major time in jail or are doing time as we speak; some for unspeakable crimes. Here is BR's list of the top 20 athletes who have done some major jail time.Begin Slideshow

Joe Paterno and the 20 Coaches That Stayed Way Past Their Prime

By Stacey Mickles On August - 17 - 2010
Retirement is hard for most athletes (ask Brett Favre) and those who are involved in the athletic realm. There have been times when we have all looked at our favorite head coach or manager and asked: Why won’t he just retire? Some needed to retire sooner then they wanted to because the game they loved has passed them by.Others needed to retire because quite frankly, they were starting to do a lousy job. Here is B/R’s Top 20 list of coaches and managers who needed or needs an earlier retirement.Begin Slideshow
"I love me some me" is a line, I believe, that was used by boxer Larry Holmes several years ago when he was talking about himself. Holmes is not the only sports figure out there to feel that way. There are several athletes and owners who can't get enough of the spotlight and will do ANYTHING to stay in it. Here are BR's Top 10 list of sports figures who are in love with themselves.Begin Slideshow

The Top 20 Most Unbearable A-Holes In Sports Media

By Stacey Mickles On August - 3 - 2010
As much as we sports fans love our games, there are times we feel like turning off the set, turning down the volume or tearing up our newspapers. These media members at times just plain get on our nerves either because they are arrogant, act buffoonish or are just stupid. Here is BR’s list of the top nerve-wracking members of the sports media. Begin Slideshow
Since USC announced that it would return Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy (the copy) back to the Heisman Committee because of the school's recent NCAA troubles, we at Bleacher Report starting thinking: what other athletes should return their awards or records because of either a scandal or they just weren't deserving in the first place? Here is a list of the Top 15 players who should return their awards and records. Begin Slideshow

The Top 20 Athletes Who Should Have Their Own Reality Shows

By Stacey Mickles On July - 21 - 2010
Athletes with reality shows are starting to become the norm in television these days. It all started with Jesse Palmer on the Bachelor and has now expanded to Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson with their VH1 shows. Well, here at Bleacher Report we decided to put a list together of athletes who should have their own reality shows. A few of these athletes had shows in the past but deserve a second shot at it. Begin Slideshow
Recent headlines of athletes being in trouble with the law regarding women is nothing new. But it seems that as of late, more and more athletes find themselves in bad situations when it comes to dealing with females. Some of these incidents have even turned deadly. Here is a list of 10 athletes who have fought the law, and in most cases, the law won. Begin Slideshow

The 10 Greatest Ad Campaigns in Sports

By Stacey Mickles On June - 23 - 2010
Do you ever wonder sometimes how you end up buying a certain product or watching a certain show? It's probably because of the advertising geniuses that come up with the ads to pick your brain and find out the best way to sell that product to you. And sometimes the best way to get you, the public, to buy the product is to get your favorite sports celebrity to sell it to you. Some of the ads were genius and a few fall flat, but they all had one thing in common: they got the public talking. Here's a list ...

The Top 10 Athletes Who Could Become the Next Bachelor

By Stacey Mickles On June - 21 - 2010
A few weeks ago, we here at Bleacher Report decided to list the top 10 female athletes who could become the next Bachelorette. Well, turn about is fair play and now it's the men's turn. Which male athletes do you think should become the next Bachelor? Here are a list of 10 guys who would create ratings gold as the next Bachelor.Begin Slideshow

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