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Excuse me for perhaps being momentarily crazy, but ask yourself a simple question: Would Mike Tyson ever do this? I never thought I would ask myself that question, either. After the rape conviction, imprisonment, and other black eyes Tyson left outside the ring, it would seem almost unfathomable to use his legacy as a benchmark for the sport of boxing. But as the days pass, I continue to realize the ferocity and excitement that Tyson brought to rings and living rooms everywhere. Pay-per-view buys reached unprecedented levels, and the sporting world stopped to tune into Las Vegas for a couple hours on a ...

In This World, Don’t Blame Tiger Woods for Being a Closed Book

By Teddy Mitrosilis On December - 2 - 2009
I’ve heard it all, folks, everything that you have. I’ve read the statements, listened to the voice messages, seen the photos. Some of it is peculiar, some of it is meaningless. I’ve heard of secret phone calls to an estranged lover, crafted ploys to keep it all from the wifey. I’ve heard the word “transgressions” thrown around in Starbucks and restaurants in the last 12 hours more than “espresso” and “flank steak.” Tiger let his family down, strayed from his values, is deeply sorry—I get it. I’ve consumed the 24-hour media monsoon like we all have. It can be fascinating stuff. The ...

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