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FIFA World Cup: A Call to Arms for the American Fan

By Tom McLean On July - 6 - 2010
I'm a soccer fan who happens to be an American.  I know, I'm as rare as a tan in New England in January.  It's fun being a soccer fan in the U.S. though.  We get to watch some of the best players in the world and have little or no obligation—we get to honestly cheer for any club team in the world. World Cup time comes around, however, and we are suddenly thrown into a soccer tournament where we have stake.  Sure, we aren't very good, but we have a team—a truly American team—full of Californians, Texans, Southern folk, New Englanders, ...

It’s Time for ESPN To Take Over the Olympic Coverage

By Tom McLean On February - 21 - 2010
For as long as I can remember, NBC has one of the first things that I think of when I hear about the Olympics. Either Winter or Summer games coverage, NBC's special jingle and great broadcasting teams have made the experiences undoubtedly unique. And I was one of the first to blame the American public for the financial deficit facing NBC this winter. But whether it was Dick Ebersol or some other high-up T.V. executive, the decisions made during these games by NBC have been nothing short of embarrassing. I live in the Pacific Time Zone. The Olympics, in all of my ...

Why We Should Never Forget September 12, 2009

By Tom McLean On September - 13 - 2009
Saturday was one of those days where it was acceptable to spend the entire day on the couch with my endless supply of Fritos and Gatorade. Sports nuts, like myself, were able to watch dozens of different events on the television. From college football games that shocked and impressed, to a NASCAR race that set the tone for the stretch to the championship, to a PGA Tour event that exhibited a Tiger Woods that we have come to appreciate, we fans had the chance to witness great sports at all times of the day. Because we don't seem to have days like ...

What Do We Really Cheer For In Sports?

By Tom McLean On August - 2 - 2009
There are thousands of these people.  Some are dressed for the occasion, and some are dressed in absurd outfits that make us wonder.  These people are lovingly called fans.  Fans are the only consistent factor that exists amongst all sports.  They scream and cheer, sometimes with a slight prayer in between, for the teams or people that they love or respect.   But it seems that everyone has a different reason to cheer for their favorite athlete or team.  Whether justified by the Court of Tom, everyone has their reason and the tend to stick to it.  Why do we cheer ...

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