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5 Sports Terms That Annoy Me

By Ed Leiser On July - 28 - 2009

Before I begin, some clarification. 

Yes, that is Pauly Shore in the picture.  He annoys me.

Now, on to my five most-hated sports terms.

With Brett Favre unofficially officially saying he is un-retiring to fully retire after a half dozen other retirements were un-retired in an unofficial official interview today...I wanted to list other sports-related terms that annoy me (you can assume how annoyed I am with the whole Favre issue).

I love sports more than anything, but hearing these terms makes my skin crawl (not literally, but close).

#1.  The word "system"

Example: "We really like this guy; he fits into our system well..."

No other sports term annoys me like this one.  Every NFL and NBA coach claims to have a "system" in place for their teams, and any player acquired must, obviously, fit into that so called "system."

The real question is: What system are you coaches talking about?

Oh, the system you have for scoring more touchdowns than the other team?  The system in which you utilize the forward pass, first made popular in the 1920s?  Or the system in which you give t...

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