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A Tour of Survival for Riders

By David Klein On July - 21 - 2010

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David Klein


                                                  A Tour of Survival


I don’t watch much of the Tour de France. I would probably rather watch baseball and paint dry to be honest with you. I will say that they accomplish an amazing feat, riding 2,200 miles over 21 days; most of it up high mountain passes. That’s incredible endurance and fortitude to last that long on a bike.

For comparison sake, imagine riding the equivalent of three Mount Everests, up and down. The Tour de France is also like completing a marathon every day for 21 days. When we say the best athletes in the world, the Tour de France showcases them.

I couldn’t last 10 miles on a bike uphill. I went biking over Memorial Day weekend, but that was all downhill. These guys do it over and over again. And how do they bike so close together at that breakneck speed? I’m getting nervous just thinking about i...

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