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In this article the names do not matter. The scenarios of the struggles are what should be shared with the public.

Years ago, an Oakland Raider and his brother were returning to California, driving a fancy Cadillac. In a very small town in Texas, the young men were stopped. When the authorities checked their car, perhaps, they found something for which they could write a ticket or cite as a violation.

As the story goes, they went to jail for awhile. When they were checked in, their belongings were gathered and were stored for them.

Once the two young men were released, the former Oakland Raider wanted his Super Bowl ring. Well, the folks in authority in the small town did not return the ring.

On another occasion, the guys were traveling through another small town. They were stopped and harassed in the sixties because of the fancy car. Well, other stuff may have been going on, too; but the main thing that got them stopped was the fact that there were two African American men in a good looking, expensive car. Yes, they were dressed "jazzy" in a style of the seventies.

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