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Baseball: Our Nation’s Long Cherished Child

By Frankie Riolo On September - 14 - 2009

I didn't fall in love with baseball until I was about 10-years old. That was 1998, the year that the New York Yankees won 114 regular season games (125 including the playoffs) and eventually the World Series, sweeping the San Diego Padres.

In my opinion, that team was the best in baseball history, and perhaps the most dominant team ever, relative to its sport. Since then, I have made it my business to follow baseball as close to as is humanly possible.

Growing up about 30 minutes outside of New York, you realize something very early on, and that is: that here baseball is king.

This town takes great pride in every one of its teams. From the Rangers, to the Knicks, to the Giants and Jets, sports are just as much the lifeblood of this wonderful city as its culture and art. However, nothing compares to its love for baseball.

Now don't get me wrong. I, along with many other New Yorkers, jumped up from the couch with unparalleled joy almost two years ago when Eli Manning's pass somehow found the hands (and head) of David Tyree in Superbowl XLII.

However, I would be willing to bet that that after the New York Football Giants have given us a fo...

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