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Being in the Big Ten Conference is no longer a job in its own.

The Big Ten is no longer seen as being a difficult conference. This is especially true when basing those conclusions on, let's say, the Nittany Lions' schedule this year.

Of course we start out the season with some non-conference games that don't really matter and aren't very interesting. After that, it's suppose to be the big show...games like Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Iowa are what the fans really look forward to viewing.

But are these games beginning to lose their thunder?

Last week, Ohio State lost to USC (15-18) and Michigan State had an embarrassing loss to Central Michigan (27-29.)

These games left students wondering what Penn State would or could do to these teams. Don't get me wrong, Ohio State is going to be a huge matchup this season, but do the students think so?

Eldin Kalic says, "We (PSU) can beat anybody in the Big Ten! I don't think people give us the credit we deserve because we're in the conference that we're in."

Kyle Ogden disagrees by stating, "Even though people make fun of the Big Ten, I think it's on the rise!"

"Teams like...

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