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Bleacher Report: Exiled to the Siberia of Sports Pages

By William Russo On March - 9 - 2011

In the sports world of Bleacher Report, few know the loneliness and isolation of being imprisoned in the Gulag of sports writing.

Yes, if Stalin had a say, he would send you to the heading: “The Rest.” You may find the heading way over in a corner, after Motorsports, MMA, Mud Wrestling and Chess.

Here you will find two categories:  “Sports and Society” and “Humor.”

Those wanting fame need not send articles here. Humor is the Black Hole of writing in the sports world. Few fans want to see anything funny about the teams they live and die to watch.

Woe to those lowlifes who dare to satirize, to savage or to ridicule the greatest athletes in sports (even if they have feats of clay).

Irony is something done away with when drip-dry shirts were invented and ironing no longer was needed in the world of sports. Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain would have gone hungry writing humor in the sports world.

Bleacher Report makes a special plea to its writers: no satire please. Humor and satire suffer the indignity of a Scarlet Letter at ...

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