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LeBron may be the luckiest son in the world!

His mother always takes the fall and takes off the playoff game pressure. She makes her son look like an angel by comparison.

Yes, Gloria James is at it again.  Only Zerelda, the mother of Jesse James, was as problematic as Gloria is for her son.

According to the ever-reliable TerezOwens.com, this time in her own pernicious style, Gloria slapped a parking lot attendant who didn’t realize he was dealing with the Queen Mother to King James.

The intoxicated Mother of the King has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Poor LeBron.

Alas, like mother like son, LeBron grew testy during a recent Celtics vs. Heat game and threw a ball at Jermaine O’Neal. No alcohol was detected on LeBron’s breath.  In LeBron’s defense, everyone wants to throw a ball at Jermaine nowadays.

Biblical allusions aside, there hasn’t been a mother this dubious since Salome’s mother insist...

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