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Boxing In Particular: The Price of Prizefighting

By John Louie Ramos On April - 23 - 2010

Hidden beneath the veil of fame and fortune, under the cloak of glitz and glamor and buried underneath the pinnacle of greatness, there is a loud exclamation. A bitter story of small proportions bearing colossal significance.

For this edition of Boxing in Particular, I'd like to thank Mark Lorenzona of Pinoy Fight Scribe for such a brilliant post that inspired this piece. Thanks! So on with this.


The Price of Prizefighting


"He just wants to earn money to support his family." Short yet sacred. It was a phrase that resembles noble desires.

No, it wasn't a phrase. It was a cry—a subtle cry coming from within the inner precept of humanity.

Yes, it was a cry. A cry of indignation, a cry that transcends abysmal sorrow and immeasurable sufferings.

Lito Sisnorio is a boxer—er—he was a boxer.

Yes, he was a boxer and of course he was a dreamer. However, he dreamt of triumphs and victories not just inside the squared circle.

He dreamt of winning yet it wasn't simi...

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