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When Bleacher Report Gets X-Rated

By Cameon Shiflett On October - 14 - 2009

When I joined Bleacher Report over a year ago, things were a lot different.

Lisa Horne was still writing, the Senior Writers were helping the young ones and weren't on a pedestal so high they needed a rope and harness to climb down. I wasn't banned by my school from clicking on links to stories that were on this site.

But alas, this has all changed.

This site, once known for its amazing sports articles and news that it puts out, now has a "Guilty Pleasures" section. Maybe it's always been there and I never noticed it. Maybe I just ignored it.

But there is no ignoring it now.

Why? Because it's everywhere.

I never in a million years thought I would log onto B/R and see pictures of women everywhere.

And not just women, but women that are barely dressed.

Sure there is some relevance to sports, but articles like "15 Hottest Fan Bases in the SEC," or "The Hottness Of Summer We Won't Forget"...

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