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Brett Favre is a future Hall of Famer and has broken numerous records through his 21 years in the league. That's old news. His scandal involving Jenn Sterger, voicemails, and well, his penis have recently replaced all of the Favre love with unabashed criticism.

Whether or not those voicemails are his or the pictures Sterger received are from Favre will be determined later.

But would the Old Man be receiving so much heat if his name didn't happen to be Brett Favre? What if this was Tom Brady? How would the media react?

Those are questions that we can only speculate on without knowing a definitive answer. 

There is one fact that cannot be denied, and that is that Favre is a media darling. Every major sports media outlet annually allows Favre to play his, "will he, won't he?" retirement game. Every year, he comes back. Even though Favre's done his song and dance before, it hasn't stopped the media from allowing him to steal the limelight from NFL training camps routinely.

Favre has always been a guy who you ...

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