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Why do so many fans hate Chad Ochocinco? Let’s count the ways.

Actually, his image and likeability quotient has improved since coming to New England, but he still garners endless tweeting insults.

We cannot understand why there is such unreasonable animosity toward someone with such a sunny disposition.

Perhaps some despise him because he changed his name from a dull moniker to something more suitable to a self-made man.

Perhaps some despise him because he finds joy in celebrating his work at the goal line.

Perhaps he is disliked because he is not Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.

Some obviously dislike his endless photo opportunities. What celebrities are left with whom he has not shared a picture?

Perhaps haters are jealous of his salary, his beautiful girlfriend, or of his giant aquarium arched over his bed.

Perhaps a few disdain his whim to drive a Prius and garage the Bentley (or is that a Lamborghini?) for the duration of the Bleacher Report - Sports & Society
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