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Normally I despise writing in first person, but, for this purpose of this piece, I find it necessary; my own sensibilities are under assault.

As an editor and fan of this site, I read dozens of articles per week. Many are well-written, informative works about football, basketball, baseball...whatever.

I've noticed, though, that college football writers, especially, seem to use "we" when referring to their favorite teams. Such pronouns, when used in the wrong context, irritate me to no end.

Listen, unless you're affiliated with the program in some form, you are NOT part of said program. Perhaps you graduated from, say, Alabama. Great. Or maybe once, six years ago, you completed a Psychology 101 online course. Good for you.

In either case, your fandom is more reasonable than Johnny's, who likes the Tide simply because the team is a college football powerhouse. Nevertheless, attending a school doesn't qualify you to use "we" when discussing that school.

Not sure if you should use "we" or not? Please answer...

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