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"When you become the cheating baseball player, it becomes who you are, and nobody wants to walk around with that." - Steve Phillips

So what about if you're a cheating ex-GM who spouts incredible wisdom to ESPN audiences on a regular basis? Do you become the cheating ex-GM or the cheating ex-ESPN analyst? Inquiring minds want to know, Steve.

Ah, Steve Phillips. Now here's a guy who talks about the impact of cheating in the sport of baseball when, all the while, the moron is cheating on his wife. Nice.

Phillips was fired by ESPN after he confirmed an affair with a 22-year-old staffer. He has entered a treatment center, though it has not been confirmed if he is being treated for drugs, alcohol, sex addiction, or stupidity.

The ex-New York Mets GM worked for ESPN in a variety of roles, serving as a studio analyst on Baseball Tonight and in the TV booth, helping to dumb down the broadcast of Jon Miller with the equally befuddled Joe Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball.

Well, he'll be watching from his couch from now on. This is the second time an affair has soiled his reputation, the firs...

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