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Contradictions Do Not Exist

By Maxwell's Demon On May - 30 - 2009

Very Very far-fetched

He was, what many people called, a mad scientist. He dwelt upon thoughts that exercised only the upper echelons of the human analytical faculty. Slowly he developed a sense of negligence for the mundane thoughts that human beings generally indulge in. 

The normal human thought process consisted of mostly subjective factors – things that could not be quantified – those that could not be factored into a perfectly rational analysis. Rationality was of utmost importance for him, and Physics.

He hated people who used their “feelings” to lead their thoughts. It had started off as a dislike, which bloomed into a contempt and finally metamorphosed into this hatred. He started getting obsessive with it.

Instead of turning his mind to productive ventures, he used his extra-ordinary faculty to satisfy his obsession.

He started reasoning this way : –

1) No object of physical form exists to the perception of the human mind that, in conjunction with the laws of physics, contradicts the laws of reason and logic.

2) Thoughts that are contradictory exist because they do not have a physical form.

3) From (1) and (2) it follows that if thoughts are given physical forms, then contradictory thoughts cannot exist. The mind whose way is to indulge in such thoughts too will not exist.

4) If (3) were to be realized and were to become a law of Physics, then thoughts that include non-quantified qualities such as “big” and “small”, “”beautiful” and “ugly” are to be considered inconsistent, since nature would be powerless to apply the law to these scenarios, but by the Special Theory of Relativity, “all laws of Physics are valid in all inertial reference frames”. 

So his grand plan was to give physical form to thoughts. Thoughts would necessarily have to be rational and about quantifiable entities. Any other thoughts would then vanish, and the mind that breeds these thoughts would disappear from existence.

If he could do it to all of humanity, then subjectivity would die off forever. But first he would do it on himself first.


In another place and another time…

Max had left his family for pursuing his passion – Physics. He had gone into a row with his father due to his father’s insistence that he would not finance his high school unless he promised to take over the looking-after of the over $10 million of assets in the form of estates and retail chains.

In his young years, he was fascinated by Tennis too. He had played the sport and watched it too, and very fervently. He used to be the regional champion, and had a promising future in the sport.

But his family dissuaded him from playing the sport. His meteoric rise frightened them – what if he, the only son, who was supposed to continue the family tradition left home for pursuing the sport.

He had borne through all that, but asking him not to go after Physics was the end of it! He would go on his own.

He left his home in the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep, leaving behind a farewell note that said, simply, “Good Luck!”


Back to our protagonist…

He was reminiscing.

He had worked hard for the past half a decade – through Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Chaos – through the struggles that he had had to have with his own mind to root out all subjectivity from his mind.

He never felt things now. He never thought this flower was more beautiful than the other. He dealt only in numbers – “The pigmentation of the sepals of this floral entity is stronger than that of the other’s by…”

Today would be the day of reckoning. The chamber was ready. Once he stepped in-to it, his thoughts would take “shape” in the four dimensional space-time fabric of the universe. He would not be allowed a single contradictory or subjective thought after that.


Out of the chamber, he felt relaxed. He could strangely enough “feel” his analytical thoughts. It was like having gear-wheels fitted into one’s brain instead of brain cells.

Who knows, his thoughts could be used to do physical work for him (his thoughts had physical form now) – but he would then have to master this art – if he indulged in any abrupt thoughts, who knows, the building could fall on his head.

In his study, the TV was switched on – perhaps his mind’s work. He looked on the screen. It was a tennis match. A man resembling a pirate was playing another who he remembered faintly.

He started analyzing the match the way he normally did. He pitted the strengths of one player against the other. Objectively the pirate should lose the match.

But the pirate won. This was the first piece of analysis that had gone wrong for him in the past half a decade. Either this was not reality, or his analysis had gone wrong somewhere.

He reconsidered the analysis, and concluded that his analysis was right. But he was pretty sure that this was reality too, and not some metaphysical monstrosity his mind had invoked.

“This is not fair”, he thought.

Another part of his brain was crying out – “Do not! There are objective rules for each sport. There is nothing unfair here. The Pirate won it fair and square and that’s it.”

That was not enough. Reason had taken a back-seat to the sheer immensity of that match. The lush green turf, the white costumes of the players, and the solemnity of the occasion got the better of his stead-fastedness.

A chord of memory was struck gently somewhere, and it was resonating through all of his mind now.

The other part continued unheeding, “The other guy is so silky smooth. His game seems to be the ideal. He has all the shots in the books. He deserved to win today more than the Pirate. How can this base-line hugger win against an all-courter. There is something wrong here. The man who can play better doesn’t win.”

It took a moment’s thought. Then both parts of his mind cried out in unison, having realised something though quite late, “Contradictory thoughts cannot exist!”

Perhaps he realized that he had not included the factor, “heart”, which is why, a see-saw tilted to one side in a park in the neighbourhood, started slowly, it’s transition to it’s other possible stable posture.

But it stopped midway through and fell back to it’s original position.


In his native place, Max is still being searched for. No one knows what happened to him. There are rumors that he has become a great scientist and that he was working on some project that could even get him a Nobel Prize.

There are also rumours that Max has died – or atleast he is no longer in existance. They say his Demon could be lurking in these parts.


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