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The NFL is the most popular sport in America which is why football fans are on pins and needles during labor negotiations. For the average person, it seems like the owners and the players are purely greedy.  Both sides already make a lot of money and seem to want more at the others’ expense.  But is it pure greed that is motivating the players?  Are there deeper aims to the negotiations?

George Cohen of the U.S. government and the director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service has been brought in to help both sides.  Hopefully, there will be an agreement after the meetings.  If not, a lock out is almost a formality. 

The main issue is how to divide the nine billion dollars in annual revenue.  Players are seeking 60% of the revenues while owners are arguing that it is too much; they need more money to pay for things like new stadiums, renovations, legal fees, etc. 

But there could be a deeper reason why the players are fighting hard for 60% of the revenue.  It has been said that those who played in the NFL are a frater...

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