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David Branch: Out On a Limb?

By Eric Warren On November - 5 - 2009

David Branch is President of the Canadian Hockey League, as well as Commissioner of the Ontario Hockey League. He is also human.

There has been a great deal made in the last day or so regarding the suspension of Micheal Liambas for his hit on Ben Fanelli. While a great many people and sports personalities are agreeing with it, I'm just not sure it was the right call.

After watching his interview on 'Off The Record ,' and watching the replay of the hit repeatedly, I not only think that Branch was wrong in the severity of the punishment, I think he was wrong to become involved to begin with.

The hit was not a dirty hit.

Yes, I have seen all the angles, yes, it was plainly a hit from behind, and yes, Liambas had in fact just 'sped up.'

Before I go any further, let me say this, I do not endorse dirty or reckless play, and mt heart goes out to the Fanelli family.

In watching the video(s) repeatedly from all different angles, it bacame apperant that Liambas was speeding up to beat Fanelli to the puc...

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