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As I gaze across the sports writing landscape in Canada, I am troubled. Not so much for what I see as what I don't see.

A female presence. A female voice.

It is as rare a species as a virgin at the Playboy Mansion. As scarce a sighting as Brian Burke and Donald S. Cherry sharing a cozy corner table for two in a French cafe.

And that's sad.

No, I don't mean it's sad that Burke and Cherry, Canada's two most noted blowhards (non-political division), don't make nice and break bread anymore. After all, those of us who live out in the colonies get our jollies listening to hockey's version of those two grumpy, old gasbags on The Muppet Show, Waldorf and Statler. So let them have at it. May the most leathery lung win.

What I am saying, however, is that here we are, comfortably into the 21st century when women do everything from raising families to arresting bad guys to traveling into outer space, yet there is a grand total of zero females scribbling a sports column for one of the major English daily newspapers in the Great White North.

Nada. Zip. Zero.


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