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MMA Can Set Good Examples in Our Society

By Dorothy Willis On May - 29 - 2009

Currently there have been several ways that MMA fighters have brought positive attention to themselves and their sport.

Certainly many comments have been made on how many fighters in the spotlight after winning a fight have mentioned their faith and given the glory to God.

Showing concern for their beaten opponents and paying them respect after a fight is another outstanding practice witnessed taking place in the octagon.

Also, as I mentioned not to long ago, Houston Alexander rescued a four year old girl who had been left alone in a car and was crying and afraid.

While many people would have been afraid to become involved, Houston would not just pass her by. He stopped and stayed to comfort her until police located her mother and saw that the child was protected.

Several MMA fighters have joined the cause to end animal abuse and have appeared in spots decrying pit bull fighting and urging that an end be put to this horrible torture and abuse of defenseless animals.

By being a voice for the animals that can not plead for better treatment these fighters have shown a side of themselves that would not often be associated with a sport that was once considered as being a form of “human cockfighting.”

Standing up for animal rights and to end dog fighting,the crime that put NFL star Michael Vick in prison for mistreating his own pit bulls and running fights, has set the fighters apart as being sensitive and caring for the rights of the defenseless.

Young children are very impressionalble and wish to emulate the behavior of their sports heroes, so starting by influencing them to view abuse and cruelty as a crime will help prevent the spread of future dog fighting.

When Dana White, Ken Florian and Forrest Griffin appeared on the Dr Phil Show which was discussing the rise of youths having underground fights, they sought to prevent the trend from growing and causing more injuries to young fans of the sport of MMA.

There is a proper way for young people to train to attain a goal of fighting in MMA someday, but having unsanctioned and unsupervised fights is definitely not the proper way to do it.

By taking a stand against the underground fighting, the UFC president and fighters can  suggest programs that mentor youth and let them know that there is discipline and honor involved in MMA and that it is not a form of violence but a very skilled form of fighting.

In all of these instances and by treating each other with respect inside the octagon the level of respect for the sport should increase its popularity with the same people who once condemned it.

Seeing the difference my favorite sportsmen can make in society makes me very proud to say that I love MMA.

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