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Dedicated To the Family Members of the Oakland Raiders

By Damali Binta Yael On March - 18 - 2010

Can you imagine the stress and uncertainty of being a family member of an Oakland Raider or corporate executive who is on the road very often?

Can you imagine the emotional ups and downs, while watching the media either praise or pierce the reputation of your loved ones?

How do the children feel about the articles that are published?

How do the wives or partners feel when the mate does not know if the Raider will make the team in 2010?

For a moment, let's have a heart.

Why? Because today was a day of the birth of a two pound baby named Zoe, whose mother is now in intensive care. The father barely made it to the hospital to see the birth of their first child. The father was in Italy on corporate business.

Now imagine how many times this type of situation or worst has hit the members of the Oakland Raiders team. We probably will never hear all of the episodes; nevertheless, we can let them know that we care.

If you love the members of the team, then we ought to love, respect, and have empathy for their loved ones and their support group in their personal lives.

How do the NFL p...

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